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Acorn Learning Center is a second-generation family run program that was established in 1987. Over the past 30 years Acorn’s longstanding administrative team has collaborated to develop a finely honed program that has been recognized numerous times by Bay Area Parent for their Best of the Bay Award.

Here at Acorn we create an environment where students are encouraged to be inquisitive. Through individually developed lesson plans, teachers propose questions to students about the world they live in and design experiences that allow children to discover their own conclusions. It’s through these moments that Acorn students find their inner confidence, build critical thinking skills, create lasting bonds with students and teachers, and ultimately gain an education that drives them to succeed.

Health and

At Acorn we understand that preserving the health and safety of our students is a pivotal foundation for a successful learning environment. As a result, we take tremendous measures to ensure the security and wellbeing of our students including:

  • 1 Our buildings are secured with keypad locks so that only authorized staff and families may enter.
  • 2 Only pre-approved people may pick up a child after presenting a valid photo ID.
  • 3 All Acorn staff must pass a rigorous FBI fingerprint check and medical exam before they may work in the center.
  • 4 All staff and children prepare for emergencies with regular evacuation drills - including students as young as two years old!
  • 5 Many of our staff and teachers are trained in first aid and CPR to provide quick and professional medical assistance in an emergency.
  • 6 All Acorn centers are professionally cleaned on a daily basis with safe nontoxic products, and cleaning supplies are locked out of reach of children.
  • 7 Children are reminded to wash their hands throughout the day. When a child becomes ill at school parents are notified and asked to pick up the child within an hour to minimize the spread of disease. We make every effort to remove a sick child from the classroom environment for their own benefit, and for the health of classmates.


All students receive twice daily snacks comprised of fresh, healthy options that keep children feeling full and energized between meal times. Our vegetarian snacks are prepared to provide children with the proper fuel for learning and may include pairings such as – Hot waffles and calcium-rich milk, fresh apple slices and whole wheat crackers, or hummus and carrots.

For students that attend a four-hour schedule or longer, they are required to provide their own lunch. All of our campuses host an optional, weekly Pizza Lunch in which families can elect to have their children served a catered pizza meal balanced with milk, fresh fruit, and a cookie. If families need a 5-day per week lunch option, we recommend visiting our Bollinger Canyon campus as they offer a daily hot lunch program.

Field Trips

Children build on their natural curiosity and develop a sense of adventure through Acorn’s educational Field Trip programs. Throughout the year students of all ages gain real-world, hands-on experiences from the safety of our secured campus through various onsite Field Trips. Even our youngest students can enjoy learning about natural Australian habit as they come face to face with a Bearded Dragon, or become immersed in traditional Africa cultural as they learn from a native the movements of Sub-Saharan dances.

In addition, Acorn’s Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten classes get to take their explorations further as they enjoy an annual day-long Field Trip with their families. Our students are privileged to receive behind the scenes tours at STEM-centered facilities like the Chabot Space and Science Center or conduct specialist-lead experiments at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

(Note: All students at our Danville campus take advantage of monthly field trips to our neighbors at Sloat Garden Center. Find out more here.)

Contact us

If you would like additional information, or to schedule a visit for your family, please reach out via this form, phone, or email.